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YES: I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 AmeriAfrindian. Introducing to y’’all; my mastermind melanin messiah mental models. Courageous career commission calling cause: 

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Twenty First Century CyberSpaceAge anointed artistry and ancient ancestry. Main Web-site: https://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

YES: The first line of defense to protect your future family, generations of offspring, on coming children, kids, new born birthed babies, is to potency proof protect wealthy Womanhood's womb, women’s witty wisdom, worthy of worshipping wisely!

Ref. https://artistchd.thoughts.com/posts/womanhood-s-wealthy-womb-worth-worshipping-with-witty-wisdom-saving-solar-sexus-souls-birthing-new-born-babies-better-beneficially-bestowed-blessed-mother-nature-earth

Holistory Health Heritage, helping heal humanity, having holistic happy humor. And CK-NWCA Saves Solar Sexus Souls, small children, new born babies births, young kids and teenagers. Those truly thinking talented thoughts; with willing open minds, positive perspectives and pleasing personalities.

Wealthy Willed: Parental Planned Participations. Working wellness with their own home school of classroom children. Decorating and designing their living spaces with CyberSpaceAge artworks. As authentically appointed, and authorized anointed artistries!

Offering optimized originality, clean cultured cures, and Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; Homemade meta-music, performance plays from the HipP & HapP!! Righteously removing and replacing Hip Hop!! [ref. https://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/ck-nwca_003.htm ]


YES Y'ALL: invest your hard earned money = $$$ financial funds with COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. It's even for those children and kids who haven't yet been baby born, better benefited blessed birthright! https://yourlisten.com/account


https://yourlisten.com/ArtistCHD1/hip-hop-vs-hiplappinstru-med604 ... https://cyber-jazz-blues-rapp.blogspot.com/


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