CK-NWCA Save Babies Kids-Child. Planned Parental Protective Promocracy.

08/01/2013 04:07

 YES: Firstly Foremost Family Foundation Financially Funded + Fortuitous Future Fortunes = $$$100%+. Purity Profit Productions x Positive Progressive Processes + Perfected Pyramidal Panorama Phenomena = Promocratic PanorAfricAspora!

Children College Curriculum: CyberSpaceAge-Computer Class Century 21st. Coming conscientiously cultured clean; concurrently culinary cuisine cleansed, completely correct, consummately cured!

OK y’all, here’s the simplified plain-o-plan: Let Wexz & Usxz, start counting numbers from; 0 - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Then Stop Point Blank Period. ( “GraspMatics by Dr. Yates.)

Africarambees Afrionics Arithmetic: Expressing elementary elements. Equals executed energies - exercised existences - elevated entities - enhanced + excelled Euro-English-Ebonics x ecologies + economies = EcoEnergystics.

SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM’S SYSTEMIC SYSTREAM; Saving Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls. Sacred Spiritious Sciessnces = Spiritualized Sensations Sublime.

Now we’re breaking back down to the green grassroots ground growths; creative concepts, inventive precepts + percepts, innovative ideas.

Rock Offense Stone Defense: Deliberately decline getting pregnant, producing progeny, babies, kids, children. A temporary tactic. My mastermind melanin messiah mental models, moratorium militaristic maneuvers; meaningful methods, meta-modes and macro-mechanisms.

Common Civic Causes: Cease creating children inside a war-zone-zero level loss. We’s & Us’s are under very vicious, violent attacks and assaults; as Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, Anglo-African-Americans!