Phantom-Physics + Originat-Org-One1

02/10/2014 11:45
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“Where ever there is an adversity, there also, roots the seed of an equivalent advantage.” (Napoleon Hill) And adding an artistic analogy; I say that; Where so ever there are adverse arrangements and disadvantages, therein also, roots the sown seeds of an advancing advantage!
Conscious Conscience Cosmic Creator’s creative chemistries. The super-sub-Sciessences. Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systemic Streams. Similar to what mastermind man Mr. Napoleon Hill named “The subconscious mind.” And identified “Infinite Intelligence”. 
The cosmological connection link, between the finite foundation; into Internalized intellectual intelligence, infinite immutable immaculate imagination. 
Genesis Genius Gifted Golden Gateway, plus+ Phantom-Physics paved patterned pathway; producing + providing pure potency powers!
This is our Originat-Ore-One1 and storehouse holding Holistory Heritage Health and within wealth. This internalized information, warehoused, in the deeper mind’s melanin messiah mastery of manufacturing or making magical miracles. We are mining these treasures up and out of obscurity. Educing eternalized existing energies. Educating one’s own mental faculties, tuning their thinking and training, teaching the thought impulses, of their bright brilliant brains!
YES: All Aboriginal Africoidians, and their small school age children, have these imbedded, inborn, innate, intrinsic, indwelling “Infinite Intelligence”; immutable immaculate imagination. Optimally of the Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unifications. 
MASTER1 Mind Melanin Messiah Media. Seeing how history; Holistory Health Heritage,  has held these truest talents, internally inside individuals, persons past and present periods; for over tens of thousands timetables. Genesis Genius Genetic gifts of grace! 
Older oncoming information, integrating inside incoming information that’s newer. Formulating flashing, flaming, flowing, forthcoming faith. Foundational fixtures, forthright funded financed future fortunes = $$$.