Children’s Creative Commerce; Capital Cash Currency, Collegiate Cyber-Class Curriculum

Children’s Creative Commerce; Capital Cash Currency, Collegiate Cyber-Class Curriculum. Young females full financial funded family foundation. Marketing merchant money making materials, authentic artworks = anointed artistries, as Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

Able average ages, begins from 4 years old up to 12, then youthful teenagers 13 - 19 years old. Early enterprising entrepreneurs, earning economic investment incomes = $$$ .

And artistic visuals + meta-musical mediums, starters begins at conception or new born baby birth. 0-1-2-3. Infants and toddlers trained through talent teachings. Gearing great genesis genius, gracious gifts!

Preparation Plus+ Parental Plan - Peer Participation: Means that the parents provide physical - physiological + psychological protections. Participating as parties to a planned purpose. Particularly preprogrammed parents, prior to planned pregnancy. Involved Input = Optimal Output!Moreover, in other words, the grownups and adults, parental guardians, are actually working for their kids, prodigy progeny. Instead of what they call: “Child Labor”; it is upgraded = upscale and updated to Grownup Labor!

The roles are reversed in a realized righteous way, in which, is the correct course of actions; that should have always been an artfully applied approach. Reversed psychology and physiology!!